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Posted by Popcorn-Time on February 01, 2016
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Hello devoted Popcorn Time users!

After few months of what could be seen as hibernation in the sphere of Popcorn Time world, we’re happy to wake this world up with the new Popcorn Time Online.
We turn the page to a new chapter in Popcorn Time’s many lives and faces.

Popcorn Time Online is a web version and real revolution of the original Popcorn Time and based on its appeal and functionality. It will allow you to use all the great beloved features you previously had in your Popcorn Time software (and even more), directly from your browser!


Better than Popcorn Time:

Popcorn Time Online is one of the first users of the revolutionary Torrents Time technology. For the first time one can play and stream almost every video format, smoothly and with stunning quality. This was impossible before with Popcorn Time, because many torrents contain unstreamable video formats. But the days of frustration and users’ discontent are over! Having incorporated Torrents Time, the problems belong in the past and now, the choice of available content will be MUCH BIGGER!! And the QUALITY – never seen before!!!
Add to that the fact that Popcorn Time Online allows casting video with subtitles, directly from the website to Chromecast, Airplay and DLNA easily.
This means that — The Torrents Time team deserves this:
R E S P E C T.

We’re here to stay!

Looking at the sad fate of the .ch team, we believe that in today’s environment, maintaining anonymity will ensure that we will all be here for as long as we want to be.
By sticking to anonymity, we are not cowards who hide from righteous content monopolies, but content freedom fighters who respect the law but do not trust the law enforcers to play the law fair.

Open source

The key for remaining here forever is our anonymity. This is why, despite the fact that Popcorn Time is open source, we will be careful not to put at risk any developer from the open source community.

We’re opening a clean slate in regards to everything that has to do with enabling participation of the open source community in our Popcorn Time Online, in order to successfully create new projects which will improve the p2p landscape and the open source spirit of freedom.
Our strategy is to separate content from technology and interface, thus allowing developers from around the world to contribute and/or use our developments with minimal risk. Nothing in our shared code will be proprietary!
We will share with the public the full source code with the exception of code which is related to content.
Therefore, the version which is now released in the Github repository uses the amazing vodo.net as its traffic source.

A streaming website, with one click!

Besides the powerful technology, the coolest thing about Torrent Time which will really get you jumping is that by harnessing Torrents Time abilities, anyone can now set up a fully functioning streaming website with the push of a button and with minimal bandwidth costs!
All you need do is to get into our fresh new Github repository and copy the Popcorn Time Online files to your web directory.
Opening a new streaming website has never been easier and we hope, actually, we’re certain, that new streaming websites will be popping out like fresh flowers in spring!

Oh, and just in case our message did not get through
Here is a simple statement: Torrents Time and the features it adds to the browser, make Popcorn Time much less vulnerable to attempts to shut it down. Why? Because a plain single html file could contain all current Popcorn Time’s features.
This is a data-URL, independent of any centralized domain, which contains everything one needs to use Popcorn Time Online. Isn’t it cool?

– Have fun.